Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally, a start!

As described by my profile, I walked away from a corporate job and hopefully won't have to turn back. Though, the date seems to be fast approaching that I may have to take on something part time. If I do have to turn back, then it will just be a bump in the road. Nothing is going to stop me from pursuing my dreams, even if it means temporarily dealing with a job I can't stand.

I am not a professional motivational speaker or author. I am not a part of any get rich quick scam. I am simply a gal tired of seeing people throw their lives away miserably because they've been programmed to believe, that they don't really have a choice, that they're too poor, too old, too fat, too shy, too awkward, too stupid, too BLABLABLAAAAA. Excuses. That's all you have, a list of excuses. As someone who has suffered for depression for ages, I know it's nearly impossible to get out of that mindset while you're stuck in it. This is why I am starting from the beginning. I am starting with nothing.

I don't want to give the wrong impression. I AM a capitalist. I love money. Artists, intellectuals, and creative types tend to disagree. In fact, I have often been accused of not being a "real" artist, intellectual, or creative type because I do support capitalism. Apparently, creativity only manifests itself through socialists. I guess I never got the memo. I always figured that art supplied were expensive, gotta pay or 'em somehow, use money as your avenue to success. Success is nonpartisan and capitalism is the one and only way. There is never any point to working hard for anything if the benefits don't increase thusly. The disparity comes when people believe that through capitalism, only the uber-rich can succeed.  BIGGEST MYTH EVER, but you can research economics on your own.

Long story short, if you don't believe in your success, no one else will either. You can blame your age, your weight, your location, your education, the government, your looks, whatever you want, but the only person on this earth that believes in you and can help you is you; not the president, not Jesus, not even your own parents. You, just you, are the alpha and omega of your life. Whatever your faith, or lack of it, there is no point in not living the life you want.

It is my intention to let you hitch a ride while I chase dreams, tell you what I've tried, what I haven't, what has worked, what hasn't, and how you can get up the guts to say, "EFF YOU," to the job you have and hate.

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