Friday, September 16, 2011


As I continue to search for part time gigs, work at home gigs, money I can find anywhere short of prostitution gigs, I came upon a job ad for Leapforce.

Don't worry, you don't have to be in ATL, you just have to be in certain countries depending on the openings. The official job announcements are here:

Upon writing this, there is only one listing and it's for a job in the US. Yet, previously there have been jobs in other countries as well, so check back often. I've been investigating Leapforce for about a week to make sure it's not a scam. So far, no one credible has claimed it's a scam, although people did have complaints about the way they run their business. A simple Google search for "Leapforce reviews" will show you all you need to know.

So far, it seems like a legit, interesting opportunity. I have already begun the preliminary screening process, which includes a test that they inform you may take up to *EIGHT HOURS* to complete. Needless to say, if it ends up being a scam, I'll be pissed. Luckily, scammers usually don't put that much time into creating so much material because they usually have to dump it pretty quickly.

What's with the eight hour test? My guess is since it's a work at home job, they want to make sure that their applicants aren't a bunch of semi-conscious crack heads. I think they also want to weed out people looking for a quick deal.

I have yet to complete the test because the test comes with a 125 page manual. I decided it would be best to read the manual before starting the test and I'm no speed reader. So far, I've gotten through not quite half of the manual and went ahead and tried to answer a few questions on the test. Luckily, you can go back and correct your answers before submitting the test. I have until next Wednesday to complete it. So, wish me luck and check out the site for yourself if you're looking for opportunities to work at home!

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