Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get rich slowly

Here is a site where you can make a few pennies a day. I know, it's not much, but every bit helps!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes
The name sounds like a scam, but I assure you 100% that it's not. It's completely free, you're never charged money at any point, and your email address and personal info aren't sold off to everyone. I've personally used it for a few months now. I wouldn't BS you guys.

You answer really quick little surveys, usually three questions, and you get "prizes" in the form of a few pennies, tickets, and coins. The pennies are real money. The minimum payment is $2, so you can get paid pretty fast. Tickets are used in the daily $50 lotto drawing. Coins are....I dunno. Something about "buying" extra tickets.

You can only do so many surveys at a time. They let you do about five minutes worth and then you have to wait three hours to try again. I'm not sure why they cap it like that, but they do.

Anyway, hopefully you can earn a few cents! :D

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