Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look, ma, I'm on TV!

This is going to be kind of an all about Katie post, so those of you looking for advice might not find any here, except to say that SO FAR, following my dream is working pretty spectacularly. I just want to brag about my career progress for a bit.

I'm not sure what everyone's dream jobs are, but mine is the performing arts (second is writing). I don't specify further than that because I want to keep an open mind and heart. Personally, I could see myself as an actress or comedian, but I'm open to any opportunities. As for now, I'm doing quite well.

October is Halloween time! Therefore, there are a lot of chances to work at haunted houses, act in spooky theatre shows, and tell ghost stories. One particular story telling gig that I'm working is called Terror on the Trail where I play a zombie tour guide. I lead people between ghost stories and mess with them on the way. My particular zombie character is a doctor that was killed in a patient revolt. Looks a lil something like this:

Fox 5 Atlanta did a live remote today featuring myself and some of the other zombies. We were really just background entertainment while they had actual interviews with the director of the ghost tour I work on as well as the other ghost tour in Lawrenceville. There were also some paranormal investigators on site that they interviewed in the cemetery while we roamed around in search of yummy brains. Though, I've heard cemeteries aren't usually "haunted" because people are just laid to rest there; they haunt places where something significant happened in their lives, but supposedly, this particular cemetery is "haunted."

Anyway, so, I have three different roles for ghost stories and I've been hired by a haunted house (though have yet to be scheduled, likely b/c my weekends are all taken by ghost tours). So, my bills are covered for October! Not sure how this is going to work in November, but I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Just some bragging...I think I'll be successful if I just keep pushin'.

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