Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm going to take a quick break from my usual topic of employment and share something that I wrote with great passion that deals with government and taxes. I originally created it as a comment on a page that's against PeachPass, which is a new lane on the highway that you have to pay to use. Well anyway, here goes:

Wait, so lemme get this straight. GA wants to save tax payer money and help the environment by charging us money to use a special lane that was built with money we already gave the state....WHAT?! Doesn't the government know that unemployment is over 10% in GA and those of us that are employed are massively overworked, overqualified, underpaid, and underappreciated, and that for a lot of us, every penny really does count? WELL, THEY SHOULD! It's their own stupid Department of "Labor" that calculates this crap and puts it out there to make sure we're all constantly reminded of how bad the economy is. Am I the only one that thinks this is intentional so that we'll all come to accept these increasingly crappier conditions and surrender to a feeling of powerlessness?

This kinda reminds me of the "temporary" toll on 400.

Am I also the only one who's noticed how they just started building new lanes and putting up purple signs without really telling us what was going on at first? But hey, that's our fault for not spending every waking moment reading excessively lengthy documents that are purposely written in a way that obscures meaning and bores people so as to lose everyone's interest so much so that the very politicians who are being called to vote on these things don't even read them? We did away filibustering, but somehow it's still okay to do it as long as it's on paper.

I'm tired of this shit! I'm tired of seeing America elect these fat, bloated, rich, white, male career politicians that don't live in reality and don't give a crap about any of us! Mofos, you are PUBLIC SERVANTS! That means YOU serve US, not the other way around. We are YOUR boss, but you've somehow brought a class action lawsuit against us that ties our hands and removes our ability to fire you.

You wanna talk about the "FREE MARKET?" In what other industry on the planet does the boss make LESS, work twice as many hours, have fewer days off, and crappier benefits, or possibly no benefits, than everyone else in the entire company? Yet, somehow that model works just fine for the government. If any of you were doing any other job than professional fat, bloated white guy you'd be fired and would never hold a job again because your own mama wouldn't even give you a good reference!

We all know this stuff, yet, we've all surrendered to the epic fail that is our government because we see it as an inevitability, and those of us that haven't surrendered are too damn busy working our asses off to support ourselves to fight. Politicians, what is wrong with you? When you were a kid, did you dream of growing up to make America a better place for a living, or did you grow up dreaming of blowing some rich criminal asshole for a living?


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